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Meykaya was born out of the desire to provide an efficient and reliable platform, enabling Nigerian online shoppers to shop from any supplier / online retailer all over the world.

The word ‘Meykaya’ means My Messenger. On registering to become a member of Meykaya, you are equipped with your unique Meykaya ID. This in essence is your virtual messenger. You can then engage your Meykaya on errands, virtually all over the world.

Just like with your physical messenger, if you’ve got some shopping or errands to do? You determine or make-up your shopping list, determine which shop or market you want your shopping done, equip your messenger with funds and engagement instructions to enable the necessary shopping done and your shopping brought back home.

nigerians-are-uks-fourth-biggest-foreign-spenders-reportYour Meykaya does just about the same.


Via our website, we bring to you via links on our website, recognised online retailers. From the respective websites:


You determine your shopping lists. Your shopping lists details such information as what shop you are buying from, description of item you are buying, Shop’s Ref code, quantity required, and other relevant information i.e. colour, size etc.

    You fill out the order form (ORDER NOW) on our website with details of your shopping lists as compiled in 1.) above and send this to us by placing the order via the order form.

      On receiving your order, we process your order form, invoice you and wait for notification from our bank in Nigeria or UK of your payment. Upon cleared funds, we process your order and arrange delivery to your door anywhere and everywhere in Nigeria.


      This process takes 7 to 14 working days to fulfil to your final address from time of receiving funds in our account.
      Yes, you are right; you are three easy steps away from shopping the world from the comfort of your home, office, Ipad and or Smartphone. You are invoiced in Nigerian Naira, you pay locally in Nigeria through a Nigerian bank and we deliver your shopping’s to you right where you are, anywhere in Nigeria.

      No credit cards, No debit cards, we don’t and would never ask to collect any financial details from you. Hence, we don’t and cannot store any of your financial details on our system. When invoicing you, we will only provide you with our bank details for you to pay us.
      We will however, during registration to have your Meykaya ID, collect your Billing and shipping details. This is so that we have details:

      a.) For reaching/contacting you to give updates on how your order progresses through our system
      b.) For creating your bill. A billing address will be required for invoicing purpose
      c.) For arranging delivery to your address. Without a valid address in Nigeria, we would not be able to fulfil your order.


      See our Privacy Policy with regards data we collect from our customers. You cannot use our platform without having your unique Meykaya ID.

      Use Meykaka to order all your goods


      Great Service

      We have used this service a number of times and have never had a single issue. If there are specific products from other shops you require Meykaya will do their ...

      Adekunle Onasanya | Thursday, 13 September 2012

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