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    About Meykaya

    Meykaya International are delivery procurement specialists.  We are based in London, United Kingdom. We make online shopping from reputable retailers in the UK, easy and hassle free for people all over the world.

    From our website, our customers get access to quality and genuine online products. Working with our partners, we help deliver products to our customers’ final destinations.

    We handle the whole procurement process to your final destination, including help with custom duties and clearance charges.

    We help our customers procure goods like industrial spare parts, plant equipment parts, engineering tools, building materials – door handles, lighting fixtures, automobile spares, medical supplies and so much more quality items.

    No Hassle International Shipping

    We will take care of your International deliveries and ensure they are processed smoothly, delivered safe and on time!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Meykaya shop for me?

    If your preferred UK retailer doesn’t accept your credit card or doesn’t deliver to your destination worldwide, Meykaya can do the shopping and payment for you.

    Just give us all the necessary product order information and we will make sure you don’t lose out on any discounts or offers.

    When your orders arrive at our warehouse, we will notify you. Meykaya offers this as a paid service.

    What product information do you need?

    Our easy ordering form requests the following product information, so that your orders aren’t delayed.

    1. Product name
    2. Brand
    3. Model name/number
    4. Manufacturer
    5. Quantity
    6. Price (single item or pack)
    7. Size
    8. Colour
    9. Unique product number
    10. Dimensions
    11. Weight
    12. Website link to product, online retailer or supplier

    * give us as much information as necessary

    How do I make payment?

    You can make payments by using PayPal, Quickteller.com, direct bank account deposits or wire transfers.

    We DO NOT accept cheques.

    Sign up and we will give you all the necessary details.

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